Pawol TV presents - Dominica Political Survey Results 2017

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Pawol TV presents - Dominica Political Survey Results 2017
Pawol TV presents - Dominica Political Survey Results 2017
A National Electoral Poll was conducted in Dominica by media professional and Political Scientist, Alex Bruno, in April 2017. Which party candidates are best poised to win in the respective constituencies and which political party is projected to form the next Dominica government, should elections be held today?

These questions will be answered at a live media briefing at the National Development Foundation of Dominica (NDFD) Conference room in Roseau on Monday May 29, 2017 from 11:00am to noon. This “middle of the road and unbiased electoral snapshot,” according to Bruno, is a worthwhile document at this crucial period of electoral politics on the island of Dominica.
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Media staff, reporters, journalists, politicians, political party staff other interest groups and individuals are invited to attend the press event with a view to participating in discussions following the presentation of the 85 page document which includes pictorial displays of statistical findings, recommendations and a conclusion.

The survey is a quantitative scientific exercise and was independently conducted. This poll was commissioned by Alex Bruno with one of the main functions being to present a responsible scholarly view of the state of affairs of the political landscape of Dominica. 

This is indeed a bold new chapter in the annals of Dominica’s political history, where a home-grown political scientist presents significant work on an aspect of the island’s electoral process.

Call: (767) 245 – 2539 for additional information.
National Development Foundation, Dominica

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