Dominica Calypso Association 2024 Calypso Monarch Shows

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Dominica Calypso Association 2024 Calypso Monarch Shows
Dominica Calypso Association 2024 Calypso Monarch Shows

You can now access ALL the shows current, and past from one Calypso Association Master Channel where you pay one fee for the season and you get access to all the Dominica Calypso Association Shows. This does not include the Calypso Tents. Here is the link to the Dominica Calypso Association Master Channel:




We proudly support 3D Secure through direct debit and credit card payments (best option) and we have reintroduced PayPal payments!!!


For your convenience here is a list of all the Monarch Shows and their PPV links in order:


3. Dominica 2024 Calypso Grand Finals ($30 USD + processing) (Monarch:  , 1st Runner Up: ,2nd Runner Up:  , 3rd Runner Up:  )





2. [ January 27th, 2024 | 8pm ]Dominica 2024 Calypso Semifinals($20 USD + processing) (Finalists: Tasha P, Bobb, Dice, Checker, Webb, Joy, Liberator, Black Diamond, Shanice)






1. [ January 13, 2023 | 8pm ] Dominica 2024 Calypso Quarterfinals($15 USD + processing) (Semifinalists:  / Reserves: )




Windsor Park Sports Stadium

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