Disaster Relief Fund (Caribbean), organized by ComeSeeTv International

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This page is the main page listing all the fundraising activities for Disaster Relief efforts for the Caribbean either implemented or endorsed by ComeSeeTv International!


(To make a donation, you will be required to register on the system by creating or logging into your ComeSeeTv account. This is both for security purposes and to ensure we can quietly know who supported this worthy initiative. We won't disclose your private information to anyone.)


Click here to make donations to the MusicAidCaribe project launched by Nerissa Golden from Montserrat and Mr Lindsay George from Dominica, two disaster-stricken countries, and endorsed by ComeSeeTv Caribbean  through ComeSeeTv International and, for use of entertainment as a means of fundraising for every Caribbean country affected by any disaster (be it Hurricane or otherwise):



Click here to make donations to the Hurricane Maria Relief Fund organized by ComeSeeTv International. The full proceeds go towards medicine aid for the affected and in dire need. This determination will be made at the discretion of the Doctors and serving pharmacies. Priority will be given to children and the elderly:



Other Donation Avenues are listed below:


1. Sons of SMA (Saint Mary's Academy)

As many of you may know, on the evening of Monday September 18th the Island of The Commonwealth of Dominica was devastated by the Category 5 Hurricane Maria.

In the wake of this catastrophe, homes, infrastructure, hospitals , schools were destroyed and severely damaged. This group is focusing on rehabilitating schools and getting children back into their classrooms as quickly as possible . This simple act of normalcy can make a huge difference in restoring some shred of calm to people who in some cases have lost everything.

Please visit and donate whatever you can, no amount is too small or too large.

We thank you for your contribution and please pass this message (link) along to as many other people as possible.

It takes thousands of drops to fill a bucket, but every drop matters.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Jonathan Johnson @ .


Jonathan Johnson

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