Dominica's Next Supermodel 2015 Live on ComeSeeTv

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01/05/2015 08:00 PM -
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''''''''''Dominica's Next Supermodel 2015 Live on ComeSeeTv''''''''''
''''''''''Dominica's Next Supermodel 2015 Live on ComeSeeTv''''''''''

Watch the 3rd Annual edition of Dominica's Next Supermodel live on ComeSeeTv! This year will once again feature world reknown Plus Model, Renee Edwards-Ambrose, Curvy Idol Winner and reigning Carnival Plus Model Competition Winner, as a guest model! Renee Edwards-Ambrose is also the ComeSeeTv Antigua Agent. What will she have in store for us again this year?? Find out, watch it all live here for only $9.99 USD:


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  • Dominca\'s Next Supermodel 2015
  • Ayodel Ambrose- PETITE SOUFRIERE
  • Carlyn Valmond- PORTSMOUTH
  • Collean Toussaint- GOOD HOPE
  • Marlietta Valmond- BATH ESTATE
  • Sephra Durand- PETITE SOUFRIERE
  • Irella Francis- KALINAGO TERRITORY
  • Min Aldee George- ST JOSEPH
  • Shernel St Rose- STOCKFARM

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