1st Inaugural Salute to Fellow Designers Competition and Awards 2015

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Atlanta get ready for the 1st Inaugural Salute to Fellow Designer Competition and Awards 2015.

This signature event will feature some of the best designers from Atlanta, New York, Illinois, North Carolina and Texas to name a few and is scheduled for April 22nd – 25th 2015.


You can choose to either attend  you can watch the entire 4-day event live here ($24.99 USD for the 4 days, $9.99 USD each individual day) so reserve early:




The show will include individual fashion store-sponsor segments from prestigious Atlanta retailers in between the competition and Award segments. The competition segment will consisted of emerging designers that will compete for the titles of:

• Children Designer of the Year ( 4/22/2015)

• Urban Designer of the Year (4/23/2015)

• Couture Designer of the Year (4/24/2015)

• High Fashion Designer that has been previously nominated. (4/25/2015)

The event will be hosted at the Ramada Inn 450 CAPITOL AVE, ATLANTA GA. 30312.

Fashion from both retailer and designer will be shown in a fast pace, live runway show. Guests will be treated to four days of fashion through philanthropy as they view a fabulous display of elegant and high fashion in an array of categories.

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  • ASTFD 2015 After Party Invitation
  • ASTFD 2015 Fashion Show Invitation

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