Mission to Empower Dominica - Fundraising Gala live from Atlanta

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Mission to Empower Dominica - Fundraising Gala live from Atlanta
Mission to Empower Dominica - Fundraising Gala live from Atlanta

Restore To empower Charity Organization presents: The first medical mission & empowerment Fashion and Music Gala in Atlanta Ga. An event that raises money for R2E 501(C)3 Charity.
Partner with Medshare & Other Doctors for the Medical Mission and Empowerment trip to Da 2016
Talento Latino 3300 NE Expy Bld 5 Atlanta


Show support by watching the live pay-per-view stream of the event for a minimum contribution of $5 USD here:

The goal of this event is to raise the funds needed to ship the container of medical spply to the Island, to increase awareness of the devastation tropical storm Erika left on our Island and offer ways the community can assist us in empowering our youth and contribute to the Physical and Medical needs of our citizens . To highlight stories of survivors and to raise money to help fund other project listed below. 100% tax deductable on donations.

* US $25,000.00; Shipping cost for a 40 ft container with medical supplied valued at $300K from MedShare
* The Uniform Project; providing qualified students from CGS with necessary school uniforms & Supplies
* Rebuilding and Stocking the village library, including stocking with 10 computers, books, furniture, and media center. (including shipping cost)
* Toy drive to provide toys (including shipping cost) to qualified children of Dominica. CGS

International Celebrity Fashion Designer Arthlene Legair
Gospel recording artist: Boston Mass, Lois Commodore (Dominican)
Comedy by- Jingle Jam ENT: Louisiana Jahmal Burnette (Dominican) and Cultural Dancers

Fashion show/ Musical Artist/ Comedy/Cultural dance
Medical Mission & Empowerment Trip 2016
Restore to Empower Charity Organization
Musicians/Designer/Artist Representing Dominica

If you cant make it to the show, please consider making a tax-deductable donation to help us reach our goal. Thank you!

Talento Latino, 3300 NE Expy Bld 4 Suite 100, Atlanta, Georgia 30341

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