Dominica Calypso Association 2020 Shows

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Dominica Calypso Association 2020 Shows
Dominica Calypso Association 2020 Shows

Watch the Dominica 2020 Calypso Association Shows on ComeSeeTv here :

Eliminations - January 4th, 2020  from 7:00 pm -> $10 USD (from the Strip, Lalay Coco, Loubiere)

Quarterfinals - January 25th, 2020 -> $12 USD (from the Stadium Forecourt)

Semifinals - February 8th, 2020 -> $15 USD (from the Stadium Forecourt)


{Click the link immediately below to pay to view the Dominica Calypso Finals Live - February 22nd, 2020}:

Finals - February 22nd, 2019 -> $20 USD (from the Stadium Forecourt)


Please note: Card Processing Fees may apply.


Welcome Trace Tropical, Caribbean Skyview and Music Travel Tour who decided to be our technical partners to help provide enhanced coverage of the Calypso Finals 2020 and to elevate our Calypso to a bigger world stage.


In 2020 ComeSeeTv is proud to introduce a new feature. You can now access ALL the shows current and past from one Calypso Association Master Channel where you pay one fee for the season and you get access to all the Dominica Calypso Association Shows. This does not include the Calypso Tents. Here is the link to the Dominica Calypso Association Master Channel:


We proudly support 3D Secure through direct debit and credit card payments (best option) and we have reintroduced PayPal payments!!!

Additionally, as we introduced from 2019, you are able to pay a reducing bundle price on the Dominica Calypso Association Live channel where you pay $50 USD at Eliminations, $45 USD at Quarters, and $35 USD at Semis all for the convenience of paying once to access the live stream and knowing that once the stream is live all you need to do is login and you will be granted access because you already paid for the future live showings. Please note that this option does not give you access to the VOD. In order to access the VOD you would need to access it via the Master Channel Option or accessing the VOD directly once the live show on a given night is over.


Here is the link to the Dominica Calypso Association Live PPV Channel (Live Only)

{Click the link immediately below to pay to view the Dominica Calypso Finals Live - February 22nd, 2020}:


The above link is for the Dominica Calypso Association Live Channel which will only activate and go live on the night of a show.


For your convenience here is a list of all the Video on Demand (VOD) and their PPV links in order:

1. Dominica 2020 Calypso Eliminations($10 USD) (Advancing: 1. Triumph, 2. Omee, 3. Mighty D, 4. Enlightener, 5. Shadow Flow, 6. Hunter, 7. De Intruder, 8. Tronada, 9. Jamma B, 10. Lady S, 11. Jaydee, 12. Checker, 13. Bingo, 14. Observer, 15. Trendsetter, 16. De Haxey, 17. De Healer, 18. De Webb, 19. Lulu, 20. King Bobb, 21. Mystrie, 22. Danyan, 23. Nadur, 24. AbiYah, 25. Inciter, 26. Karessah, 27. Prince of Peace, 28. Tasha P, 29. Sour-Sour, 30. Superior Picky, 31. Checko, 32. Soul Puss)


2. Dominica 2020 Calypso Quarterfinals($12 USD) (Semifinalists: 1. Checker 2. Checko 3. Observer 4. Bobb 5. Webb 6. Tasha P 7. Nadur 8. Karessah 9. Jaydee 10. Sour sour 11. Shadow flow 12. De Healer 13. Trendsetter 14. Picky 15. Lady S 16. Bingo 17. Inciter 18. Jamma B 19. Hunter 20. Soul Puss)



3. Dominica 2020 Calypso Semifinals($15 USD) (Finalists: 1. Tasha P 2. Webb 3. Karessah 4. Jaydee 5. De Bobb 6. De Hunter 7. De Healer 8. De Observer 9. Dice 10. Bingo)



4. Dominica 2020 Calypso Grand Finals (Monarch: Jaydee, 1st Runner Up: Tasha P  ,2nd Runner Up: De Webb , 3rd Runner Up:  Bingo)



Loubiere, Roseau, Dominica

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