Stardom Calypso Tent 2020 Season

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Stardom Calypso Tent 2020 Season
Stardom Calypso Tent 2020 Season

Watch the Dominica Stardom Calypso Tent 2020 via the official Stardom Tent Live streaming channel on ComeSeeTv from The Strip, Loubiere, Roseau, Dominica.

The Stardom Tent 2020 season starts from Wednesday January 15th, 2020. Stay tuned as the rest of the dates will be announced and updated here (nights may fluctuate between Saturday and Wednesday nights).

We proudly support 3D Secure through direct debit and credit card payments (best option) and we have reintroduced PayPal payments!!!

This year ComeSeeTv is proud to introduce a brand new feature. You can now access ALL the Stardom Calypso Tent shows current and past from one Stardom Tent Master Channel where you pay one fee for the season and you get access to all the Stardom Tent Shows. This does not include the Dominica Calypso Association Monarch Calypso Shows(eg Eliminations, Quarterfinals, Semifinals,  and Finals are NOT included in this package).

Here is the link to the Stardom Tent Master Channel:

{7 nights this season. Each night is $10 USD, Master Channel Access Price is $55 USD}:




Additionally, we are happy to introduce the ComeSeeTv Reducing Live Bundle plan to the 2020 Stardom Calypso Tent Shows where you are able to pay a reducing bundle price on the "Stardom Tent Live" channel where you pay a single fee all for the convenience of paying once to access the live streams only and knowing that once the stream is live all you need to do is login and you will be granted access because you already paid for the future live showings. Please note that this option does NOT give you access to the VOD. In order to access the VOD you would need to access it via the Master Channel Option or by accessing the VOD directly once the live show on a given night is over.


Here is the link to the Stardom Tent Live PPV Channel (Live Only)

{6 nights this season. Each night is $10 USD, Master Channel Access Price is $55 USD}:



Click here to watch Stardom Tent night 8 Live - Monarch of the Tent(February 19th, 2020):




The above link is for the Dominica Stardom Tent Live PPV channel which will only activate and go live on the night of a show.



And, for your convenience here is a list of all the VOD of the 2020 season in order:


Stardom Tent 2020 Night 1 - Opening- $10 USD -VOD:



Stardom Tent 2020 Night 2- $10 USD -VOD:



Stardom Tent 2020 Night 3- $10 USD -VOD:



Stardom Tent 2020 Night 4- $10 USD -VOD:



Stardom Tent 2020 Night 5- $10 USD -VOD:



Stardom Tent 2020 Valentine's Night at Kempinski - $10 USD -VOD:



Stardom Tent 2020 Night 7- $10 USD -VOD:




Stardom Tent 2020 Night 8- Monarch of the Tent- $10 USD -VOD:


Loubiere, Roseau, Dominica

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