Caribbean New York Fashion Week (CNYFW) 2015

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'Caribbean New York Fashion Week (CNYFW) 2015'
'Caribbean New York Fashion Week (CNYFW) 2015'

Face Of Fashion ( are the producers of Caribbean New York Fashion Week (CNYFW) 2015.


Watch the event live here for only $15 USD:



Our fashion events cover all areas in the fashion industry; Hair Styling, Cosmetics, Photography, Retail Business, Branding Opportunities and showcasing New Edgy Fashion Trends.

Our Fashion Show is open to the public on Sunday, September 13th, 2015 at the historical New Yorker Hotel - The Crystal Ballroom, simultaneously with New York Fashion Week in September 2015.

These fashion events were created to provide the platform for all Caribbean Talents, as well as, mainstream designers, models, photographers, hair stylists, and makeup artists with the avenue to take their talents and brands to the next level.

This year part of the proceeds will benefit our "Fashion Changes Lives (FCL) Initiative".

The objective of Fashion Changes Lives (FCL) Initiative is motivated by the desire to:

Develop fashion talents skills and craftsmanship.
Provide a fashion programme, workshops and courses to upgrade talents skills.
Promote a fashion and arts programme which impact underdeveloped areas.
Create employment through distribution channels.
Re-introduce the Caribbean countries as a new fashion market.
Increase the evolution of domestic fashion products for export to other international markets.
Revitalize the business of fashion and retail in the Caribbean.
Promote the creation of indigenous and new innovative designs within and outside the Caribbean.
Encourage investors and companies to operate in the Caribbean countries.
Create "Caribbean Fashion Tourism" events/fashion houses/showrooms to boost the tourism industry in Caribbean countries; as a result, increase new arrivals (tourists/travelers/students/companies), hence generating a cash flow of revenue for participating countries.
Use Caribbean Designers Collections as a world-class reference on originality and fashion forward trends.
Bring accessible and hand-on education regarding Fashion, Arts and Craft to Runways, Galleries, Exhibitions, Expos, Trade Shows and Private Presentations.

CONTACT US @: | +1(212) 726-1406

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