Woman of the Bible Pageant 2017

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Woman of the Bible Pageant 2017
Woman of the Bible Pageant 2017

Abundant Life Fellowship & Deliverance Ministries presents, even as part of desperately needed church building renovations, a fundraiser unlike any other! The 4th annual Woman of the Bible contest features 7 beautiful ladies as they bring to life their biblical personalites:

Mirium by Adina Trail;

Martha by Jemima Role;

Leah by Dinelle Dailey;

The Alabaster Box woman by Pauline David;

Hagar by Gail Morancie;

Rebbekkah by Onica James;

Eve by Annella Shillingford;

The Woman of the Bible pageant participation requires that young ladies be involved in Church ministry, be a role model, and one who can represent her respective Church.

View the Woman of the Bible Pageant 2017 here ($5 USD contribution):




Also please consider making a donation to the renovation fundraising efforts directly by clicking here:


Arawak House of Culture, Roseau, Dominica

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