The 44th Annual CARIFTA Games will be live on the ComeSeeTv Network!!!

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44th Annual CARIFTA Games live on ComeSeeTv
44th Annual CARIFTA Games live on ComeSeeTv

The 44th Annual CARIFTA Games 2015 will be held in St Kitts from April 3rd(opening ceremony) to April 6th 2015 at the Silver Jubilee Stadium, St. Kitts & Nevis.

This year the games will be streamed live through a partnership with the Event Organizer, between Caribbean Media Partners and ComeSeeTv Caribbean.

The CARIFTA Games is an annual athletics competition founded by the Caribbean Free Trade Association (CARIFTA). The games was first held in 1972 and consists of track and field events including sprint races, hurdles, middle distance track events, jumping and throwing events, and relays. The Games has two age categories: under-17 and under-20. Only countries associated with CARIFTA may compete in the competition.

Usain Bolt's career began at the CARIFTA Games so be sure to catch all the action to see who is likely to become the next #worldphenomenon !!


Each individual Day is available here for $9.99 USD each:


April 3rd - Opening => 



April 4th - Day One (9 a.m. to 12 pm & 4 pm to 10 pm) => 



April 5th - Day Two (9 a.m. to 12 pm & 4 pm to 10 pm) => 



April 6th - Day Three and Closing (9 a.m. to 12 pm & 4 pm to 10 pm) => 



The CARIFTA GAMES Channel on ComeSeeTv will be accessible for $20.99 USD from April 4th 2015 (in the mean time enjoy most popular CARIFTA Games highlights) here:



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