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Watch the Stardom Calypso Tent 2018 Season here on ComeSeeTv.

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Stardom Calypso Tent 2018 Season

Published by: ComeSeeTv
04/01/2018 02:14 PM - 08/02/2018 02:14 PM - Ongoing

Watch the Dominica Stardom Calypso Tent 2018 via the Official Stardom Tent live streaming channel on ComeSeeTv from The Strip, Loubiere, Roseau, Dominica.


For your convenience here is a list of all the VOD in order:


Stardom Tent 2018 Season Media Launch(VOD) -


Stardom Tent 2018 Night 1 - Opening (VOD)- $5 USD -


Stardom Tent 2018 Night 2- $3.99 USD -



Loubiere, Dominica

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