Radio En Ba Mango (REBM TV)

Radio En Ba Mango is located in Grand Bay, a village in the South of Dominica approximately nine (9) miles from the capital, Roseau. The station was formerly opened in August 1991 with its main objective being to serve and help in the development in the communities.

 R.E.B.M aims at upholding Dominica's cultural heritage by hosting a series of dynamic educational and cultural information programs in the realms of Agriculture, Health, Sports, History, Social Development and Religion, a strategy which continues to be very effective.

Radio En Ba Mango dominates the radio waves, being the only of its kind and in audience listenership, with approximately 65% of the Dominican population comprising of about 70,00 people and 25% of the population of the French island of Martinique comprising of over 300,000 people.

The station is commercially licensed with the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, with a staff comprising  mainly of young persons involved in the enhancement of the community.