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Help - FAQ Section In this section we address some of the common queries we have received over the years:   How do I contact ComeSeeTv?   Please visit this link to Contact Us:     Why do I have ...

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Help - FAQ

Help - FAQ Section

In this section we address some of the common queries we have received over the years:


How do I contact ComeSeeTv?


Please visit this link to Contact Us:



Why do I have to login (or create and account) to view paid content on ComeSeeTv?


Our account-based system allows us to do so much more for you. We can apply discounts and credits to your account, and we can track illegal login attempts on your account. We retain a login history that will help us troubleshoot your issues when viewing a stream from one of the broadcasters using ComeSeeTv Broadcast Network to deliver the feed. For step by step instructions on how to login or create an account with ComeSeeTv please click the following link: How to Register and Login on ComeSeeTv.




How can I ensure that I have enough bandwidth to view streams on ComeSeeTv?


We have implemented a speedtest of our own which will tell you how strong your connection is to the ComeSeeTv Servers (the one nearest to your geographical location) here:


We invite you to use this facility to test your internet bandwidth before you log in, or if you see any buffering during a stream. Please bear in mind that we will be streaming at a minimum rate of 650 Kbps and if your download speed result does not show upward of that figure then your own internet is going to cause you to experience "sticking" or "buffering" during viewing. The speedtest result will give you an indication whether PASS or FAIL to meet the minimum bandwidth criteria.





Is there a recommended browser you suggest to view live streams on ComeSeeTv?


We highly recommend using Google Chrome! Safari is fine for our Apple device users. Other browsers may work just fine, but by our experience these two are the best.




Which do I use to login, my Alias or Login?


Use what you entered for Login as your username to log into your account. Remember that your username is all lowercase, and on sign up you may be required to verify your email address first before trying to log in. If you're required to verify your email address, remember that the system will block your IP address if you attempt to login  after five (5) times in a row, without verifying first.


The verification email contains exactly what you used to create your account. The same will apply if you close your browser without logging out first. If your computer shutdown, or you close your browser without loggin out first, your session will remain active on that server, and it will "assume" someone else is trying to hack your account and lock out the offending IP address. If this happens to you please message us immediately to end your session so that you can log in again.




Why am I locked out or why is it telling me that I am logged in somewhere else already?

Usually this happens if you close your browser without logging out first and then attempt to log in again using another browser window. What happens is that, if say your computer shuts down, or you close your browser without loggin out first for whatever reason, your session will remain active on the server, and it will "presume" someone else is trying to hack your account and lock out the offending IP address. If this happens to you please message us immediately to end your session so that you can log in again.


Do not share your username and password. The system will lock out potentially both IP addresses if this is attempted.


Be mindful of the username you chose on signup. Many people rush the signup process and enter the wrong username, never read the contents of the verification email, which has that information, and then claim that the system locked them out. Be mindful of spaces in your username, be mindful of the letters in your username, check the verification email to be sure.




Can I switch devices to view the PPV live stream?


When switching devices, please remember to log out of one completely before logging into the other. Also please note that different devices access live streams using different protocols and so may vary from device to device. This is normal. A cell phone might show a live stream a few seconds later than a powerful laptop for instance. Again, this is normal and depends solely on the type of device.


How do I contact support?


If you send us an email, please expect a response! A lot of times we respond back to emails and they go unread while we're waiting for your response in order to take further action. You can also add us on WhatsApp on +17672652833 or +17672253916 for faster response. Please do not wait till after an event is over to claim that you had issues. Please understand ComeSeeTv always works for an event organizer and we will have to bring your case to them for their decision and remember, we can prove exactly how much of any event you watched.


Going on social media to state your situation, instead of inboxing us, will not gaurantee we see it nor attend to your case. So if you wish to use social media to solve an issue your experiencing please be discreet and inbox us preferably as we may need to ask you private information for account verification and sometimes if the fault is user error, the post you may have created could send out the wrong message and remains even after your issue has been successfully addressed.


With the growing tendency to take everything to social media, many opt to do so rather than inbox the streaming company, or us at ComeSeeTv who are monitoring the work of the live streaming company on behalf of the customers and clients. Bear in mind that it is sometimes misleading when an appatently negative post is created, the poster issues get resolved, and 99% of the time the poster never updates the post to indicate that the issue was on their end, it was resolved, or that the customer service they received was excellent when dealing with ComeSeeTv. That's usually because once we deal with agitated patrons they are so soothed and relieved to find that we are this helpful and genuine that they forget all the negativity and continue on to enjoy the rest of the event and the customer service level to match. They usually forget the "damage" is done. Thus we encourage you to encounter us first and if you still aren't satisfied then we deserve what we get. LOL.


When contacting us for support for a stream being done by any live streaming company using our services to deliver a stream (ComeSeeTv is a Global Content Delivery Network and live streaming companies use our services to stream their events 24/7), please provide use with your Login/Username or Alias for faster response.




I paid for an event now it's asking me to pay again!!


If you had paid to see an event and "now it's asking you to pay again" chances are that you are not logged in, you previously closed your browser without logging in, or you used a different account of yours to pay and logged in with the other which naturally will not be authorized to view the content paid for via the other account. Please contact us to be sure. 




I have an issue concerning payment.


When raising issues concerning payments, PLEASE be sure to let us know exactly which email you used to make payment. Also the Order Confirmation is NOT, and is distinct from the Payment Confirmation. When processing a payment with ComeSeeTv, we first send you an Order Confirmation to your email address to have you verify that it was you indeed who created this order and that someone didn't hack your account or isn't using your account without your knoweledge. The Payment Confirmation is then sent when payment has actually been made.


Please note, ComeSeeTv is absolutely secure and we DO NOT store your credit card information! Once you elect to make payment, we pass you on to the payment processor you chose and your transaction is carried out with them. They will then alert

us that your payment is successful, or not, and then you will be granted access to your ComeSeeTv content based on that. If there is an issue with payments, we go after the payment processor on your behalf! So let us know if there are any discrepancies early. Also, please be advised that the card processing fees are added on to the purchase price at the payment page relative to the payment processor of choice. That is not a discrepancy. For additional information see our Refund Policy hereComeSeeTv Refund Policy.




What is this thing about Master Channel?


 A ComeSeeTv Master Channel is one that contains or groups several clips or live streams together in a bundled package. This means accessing the Master Channel will grant you access to all that it contains. 


For example, if a Master Channel has a price then on paying that price, you will automatically be able to view any paid (or free) content contained by that Master Channel, even though the individual stream or video on demand (VOD) content has its own individual access price. So the Master Channel price supercedes the individual access price of each individual content contained therein.


Master Channels on ComeSeeTv can be used in different ways because each of the broadcasters on the ComeSeeTv Global Network have differing requirements for their content.




Please enjoy your time viewing events on ComeSeeTv. See the list of upcoming and past events here:


and remember if you missed an event, it can be usually found here as Video on Demand (VOD):