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    Showdown Mas Camp presents Keeping de Kaiso Alive 2022

    Date: 06/05/2022 08:00 PM - 29/07/2022 11:59 PM
    Showdown Mas Camp presents Keeping de Kaiso Alive 2022 View live via ComeSeeTv here: https://www.live.comeseetv.com/index.php/video/510/showdown-mas-camp-live/ and also via the Showdown Mas Camp Facebook Page
    • Apr

      Jazz & Cocktail - A tribute to Nelly Stharre

      Date: 29/04/2022 06:30 PM - 30/04/2022 05:00 AM
      On April 29th, 2022 we will pay tribute to a powerful woman of music from Dominica, as we celebrate the Legacy of Nelly Stharre!  View this event live pay-per-view for $5 USD (plus processing) here: https://www.live.comeseetv.com/index.php/video/1804/
      • Jan

        Dominica Virtual Calypso Monarch 2022 Season

        Date: 22/01/2022 08:00 PM - 01/03/2022 08:28 PM
        Dominica Virtual Calypso Monarch 2022 Season is on ComeSeeTv!!! To pay for the entire DCA Calypso Monarch Season please access the DCA Master Channel here ($20 USD + processing):  https://www.live.comeseetv.com/index.php/channel/47/dominica-calypso-ass...
        • Dec

          Michele Henderson Virtual Christmas Concert 2021

          Date: 30/12/2021 07:30 PM - 30/12/2021 11:00 PM
          Do join us on Thursday evening (December 30th, 2021) for a live stream of our now strictly virtual Michele Henderson Christmas Concert!! If you wish to show your support and donate to the effort please do so on the following platforms: Zelle: carladels...
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